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the most popular tourist attractions in Luxor

Tourism in Luxor or Ancient Taiba is different from other tourist cities in Egypt, Luxor alone includes most of egypt's pharaonic monuments, which make up two-third of the world's monuments



the most popular tourist attractions in Luxor

Tourism in Luxor 
Tourism in Luxor or Ancient Taiba is different from other tourist cities in Egypt, Luxor alone includes most of Egypt's pharaonic monuments, which make up two-thirds of the world's monuments and are surrounded by the sweet, enchanting Nile River from everywhere to tell legends and tales that we will know in detail during that tour in Luxor.


Best Luxor Hotels 
Luxor Egypt has a wide range of high-end hotels that vary in the level of services and prices to suit different budgets, but they all agree on one thing: its charming view or its proximity to the banks of the Nile and the most popular tourist attractions in Luxor.


The best places to travel in Luxor 
Luxor is packed with dozens of attractions and monuments that attract thousands of tourists every year to enjoy its breathtaking beauty and listen to the stories of its ancient history. To the most important tourist attractions in Luxor, we will take a short trip with you now.


Luxor Karnak 
Temple One of Luxor's most famous tourist attractions thanks to its 10 great buildings and eight eye-catching gates spanning 60 acres north of the city. Karnak Temple is one of the largest temples of Pharaonic Egypt, with a collection of monuments under the roof of one temple, which is classified as one of the most important tourist sites in Luxor.


Valley of the Kings in Luxor 
One of the best tourist sites in Luxor that reviews the traditions of burying the dead among ancient Egyptians and preparing them to receive their otherworld through 120 cemeteries located on the west bank of the Nile River in Luxor designed in the pharaonic style of kings and nobles of the dynasties of 18-20.


Valley of Queens in Luxor 
Located near the Valley of the Kings and similar to the goal of construction, origin, and history, but it is dedicated to women from pharaonic royal families and their relatives and is considered one of the most important places of tourism in Luxor.


Colossi of Memnon 
Two statues of the most memorable landmarks during tourism in Luxor, two statues also called ghastly statues and often narrated by legends, stand a giant constant in the West Bank of Luxor on the way to the Taiba Cemetery in Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, to receive visitors. Arrivals from the East Bank, made in the 14th century BC, each at a height of approximately 21.90 meters.


Temple of Hapo Luxor 
One of the largest Egyptian funerary temples dating back to the modern Pharaonic period, namely the 20th dynasty, was built by King Ramses III to glorify the God Amun. The temple, located in the city of Hapo in Luxor, bears the name of a Coptic priest who lived in the monastery built between the temple walls until the 7th century AD and is considered one of the best tourist sites in Luxor.


Hatshepsut Temple 
Your trip to Luxor cannot be considered a tourist without visiting Hatshepsut temple, the largest and most famous funerary temple in Egypt's ancient history and the most distinguished in its architecture, the temple unlike other temples is built in the form of 3 floors of limestone dating back to the 18th dynasty.


Temple of Luxor 
One of Luxor's most fascinating tourist attractions is to enjoy statues and obelisks from the 18th and 19th dynasties and their hieroglyphic inscriptions glorifying The God Amun and his family.


Luxor Museum 
One of Luxor's best tourist attractions dates back to the mid-1970s, but as a reality, it showcases Egypt's 4,000-year history from pharaonic to Islamic. Luxor Museum occupies an area of 16,000 square meters from the east bank of the Nile and is bordered by the most important monuments of Luxor from every direction.


Luxor International Park 
Many believe that tourism in Luxor is not only archaeological tourism that lacks the fun and entertainment that family trips with children may require, but in fact, Luxor has a series of green gardens, the most famous of which is the International Garden, where the garden meets the enchanting freshwater.

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