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Home / Blog / Attractions in Egypt blog category / Where in Egypt are the pyramids ?

Where in Egypt are the pyramids ?



Where in Egypt are the pyramids ?

To find out where in Egypt are the pyramids, you will need to pack for a longer journey than just Giza. Although this city located 3 miles southwest from Cairo offers the best viewing opportunity for anyone interested in pyramids even the oldest and probably most famous Egyptian pyramid of them all, the Djoser‘s pyramid, was not built here. To see the first one of the (so far) 138 pyramids, reserve a spot in the diary for Saqqara necropolis. The Djoser‘s pyramid is essentially many mastabas one on the other and the idea was for the soul of the Pharaoh to ascend to the afterlife. The latter pyramids, with smooth sides, are located all over the Egypt as other necropolises gained the importance. The one we all know is surely Giza, but there is also Dashur, Meidum, Abu Rawesh, Abusir, Lisht and many more. So the question where in Egypt are the pyramids offered broader answer.

Where in Egypt are the pyramids ? | Djoser pyramid

Where in Egypt are the pyramids ? | Djoser pyramid

Ever since the mythic god Osiris got killed and ultimately resurrected by Isis, Anubis and Nephtys, the Egyptians got to know the art of mummification and the death was seen by the Egyptians as a temporary state. At least for those, whose relatives loved them so much that they proceeded the same burial rituals as the goddesses for the beloved Osiris. The details varied according to the financial standing of the relatives, but broadly speaking the basic mumification started with washing the corpse. Before we progress to the next steps, spoiler alert is in order if you are planing to be mummified after your death. So if you want to maintain the surprise, do not read any further!

Where in Egypt are the pyramids ? | Giza pyramids

Where in Egypt are the pyramids ? | Giza pyramids

So imagine, your corpse is nice and clean, now say goodbye to your brain. As it was seen to be the generator of mucus, it was removed using a hook through the nostrils. Next the doctor would create a cut on your lateral abdomen, removing four organs and placing them into canopic jars, each with a different depiction of a deity. These gods are seen sometimes as sons of Horus and sometimes as his four souls. Your lungs would be placed into a jar with the head of a baboon, representing the god Hapi. The god Imsety with human head would store your liver. The jackal-headed god Duamutef will be in charge of your stomach and Quebehsenuef with the hawk head will protect your intestines. The only organ remaining will stay inside of your body, since the heart was thought to embody the soul. The heart would not be there alone for long, as the inside would be filled with myrrh, cassia and other spices. After this luxurious surgery, farewell to water retention. You are going to enjoy 40 – 70 day fasting in a salt bath to remove any excessive moisture – essentially all the moisture. This marvelous treatment beats every Hollywood recommended diet without yo-yo effect. Next in order is the oil massage with plant resins. This not-yet-certified cure will preserve your skin much longer than any other beauty product currently sold on the market. Thick layer of linen strips placed all over your body will finish the preservation of your infinite beauty. Survey says that this fashion choice is never outdated for mummies. The aspiration of other fashion companies, to set their own long-lasting trend for this target group, stays without success. As a bonus, the Egyptian mummifiers will paint for you with original ancient technique your own portrait on handmade canvas and place it over your face, allowing you to become truly a peace of art. This treatment ensures you immense fame. A special burial place is reserved only for you either under a mastaba or a pyramid – if you have a title of the Pharaoh somewhere between 4th and 25th dynasty.

Where in Egypt are the pyramids ? | Canopy jars

Where in Egypt are the pyramids ? | Canopy Jars

Source: The Global Egyptian Museum |

There are two reasons why the Pharaohs are not buried in the pyramids today. One of them is that there are no more Pharaohs today. The second more major reason though was money. Building a pyramid was quite expensive. The Pharaohs started to be thrifty when it comes to quality of materials and that is why the best preserved pyramids are actually the oldest ones. Fortunately, to visit the pyramids is much less expensive than building one, so if you are interested, get in touch with Your Egypt Tours. Fresh news: Just last year 30 new very well preserved mummies of the priests, laying in their coffins were discovered just few hundred yards outside the temple in The Valley of the Kings (Luxor). They are currently under the inspection of the archeologists to find out the cause of death. We will also find out their original technique of preservation, which will tell us, how important and how high in the hierarchy they were.

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