HYMN TO PTAH The hymn to Ptah was written in the New Kingdom (1550–1069 b.c.) and is inscribed on the funerary stele of Nefer-Re-Bu, who confesses that, because he told a lie, the gods made him blind. Never-Re-Bu is shown at the top of the stele kneeling before Ptah, who sits inside his shrine.
Give praise to Ptah, Lord of Maat, King of the Two Lands, Fair of face upon his great seat, The one God among the Ennead, Beloved as king of the Two Lands. May he give life, prosperity, health.
On the reverse of the stele he continues:
I am a man who swore falsely by Ptah, Lord of Maat, And he made me see darkness by day. I will declare his might to the fool and the wise. To the small and the great: Beware of Ptah, Lord of Maat! Behold, he does not overlook anyone' deed! Refrain from uttering Ptah's name falsely, Lo, he who utters it falsely, lo he falls.

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