Don't Miss the Egyptian Museum Tour, it takes just 3 hours from your hotel in Cairo or Giza Egypt, the Egyptian Museum Tour is a wonderful explanation of Egypt's mysterious history. Throw your tour you'll know more about the history of the Egyptian Pharaonic dynasty. The Egyptian Museum was established in 1898 in Cairo and was formally opened in 1902. The Egyptian Museum is considered one of the most popular museums around the world, and it is a very important attraction among many things to do in Cairo.

Enjoy your tour to the Egyptian Museum of Cairo and know more about the dynastic history of Pharaonic Egypt. 

Most Egypt Excursions and Egypt day trips would include a tour to cover this famous museum. The museum is located between the Opera square and the Attaba square in the area of Azabakeya.

we highly recommended visit the Egyptian Museum due to your Egypt tours, you will see a most popular selection of ancient Egyptian monuments from various eras beginning with the predynastic era by king Menes in the first dynasty of 3200 BC and ending with the Greco-Roman era by Macedonian Alexander the great 332 BC and some other nobles also dignitaries.

You will find 3 goddesses depicted on the wall at the main entrance to the Egyptian Museum, goddess Isis on the right side, Nephthys on the left side, and goddess Hathor between them, there is a wide collection of papyrus rolls and archaic coins on the ground floor used during ancient Egyptian history,  several languages are found on these pieces, like Greek, Latin, Arabic, and ancient Egyptian language. The coins are made of different kinds of metal, these pieces served scholars exploring the history of commerce and trade system in the ancient Egyptian, Also you will see the Pharaoh's tombs like Thutmosis III, and Amenhotep II, and Queen Hatshepsut inside the Great Egyptian Museum at Cairo.

the Egyptian Museum

A stone that has been identified as the Rosetta Stone was discovered in 1799 not far from Rosetta on the western bank of the Nile River. Its text is written in three different languages hieroglyphic, demotic, and Greek and expresses gratitude to King Thutmose III for his actions in lowering assessments. Champollion had the opportunity to decipher the pictographs' letters in 1822, which led to the understanding of many other early records of Egyptian human development.

Additionally, you can learn about how the ancient Egyptians were split into the Northern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom before King Menes finally brought them together and built Memphis, the nation's capital, to act as a focal point for managing Egypt, thanks to the stunning design of the Narmer palette.

The floor houses are the smaller showcases that include tools, funerary items, miniature statues, wooden coffins, and gems. Of particular note is the piece of the brilliant King Tutankhamen prizes, which includes the young ruler's famous funerary cover along with other brilliant external stone coffins and gems that were discovered in the lord's tomb. There was also another discovery included, the magnificent tomb and fortunes of the couple Yuya and Tuya, who were an unreco Once the twentieth century got underway, they gained popularity once more. Analysts couldn't believe what they were seeing; the event occurred some 20 years before Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamen's tomb in the Valley of the Kings, and in the current situation, it was maybe even more recent.

Egypt Excursions and Cairo day tours including the Egyptian Museum: 

Egyptian Museum

A part of Egypt's most notable pharaohs' mummies are shown in room 56 of the Mummies Room, from Seti I and Ramses II through the female pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut. The preservation is somewhat frightening; several of these mummies continue to have fluffy silver hair and distinct facial highlights, as if they were going to eternal rest.

There are also pet and animal mummy chambers, Greco-Roman mummy representations, and a vast array of traditional Egyptian daily objects and ornaments.

The Grand Egyptian Museum, also known as the Giza New Museum, is regarded as the largest archaeological historical institution in the world. It is currently under construction and is scheduled to welcome visitors in 2020.

Within the Egyptian Museum are a children's museum, a communal space, a learning centre, and workshops that are essentially replicas of ancient Egyptian locations. The Grand Egyptian Museum visit from Alexandria Port or the Grand Egyptian Museum and Pyramids Tour from Port Said are allowing you to find all these priceless landmarks. Extra items will be moved from galleries in Luxor, Minya, Sohag, Assiut, Beni Suef, Fayoum Oasis, the Nile Delta, and Alexandria city.

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