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Cairo Attractions and Things to do

Cairo Attractions and Things to do, day trips idea in Cairo and information about Giza Pyramids



Cairo Attractions and Things to do

The great Pyramids of Giza

These pyramids are one of the 7 wonders of the world. They are built in the same area which is Giza Plateau. They are dedicated to 3 famous Ancient Egyptian Kings who are King Khufu who has built the Great Pyramid, King Khafrae who built the middle Pyramid and King Menkaurae who built the smaller and the last Pyramid.

Now let’s talk about the first great Pyramid of King Khufu which is 147 meters high and 227 meters wide. It contains about 2.3 million stone heavy blocks. The rising angle of this Pyramid is 51 degrees. The Middle Pyramid of King Khafrae which is 136 meters high and 215 meters in width.

The rising angle of this Pyramid is 53 degrees. The last smaller Pyramid of King Menkaurae is about 66 meters high and 104 meters in width. The rising angle of it is 51 degrees. In the Ancient Egyptian era, they believe that their lives are immortal as they are going to live another life after death so they made for themselves great pyramids to put there things and potteries and tables and everything. These 3 Pyramids were built during the 4 th dynasty in the Old Kingdom.

They were built for the Kings as the Ancient pharaohs believe in the eternity of the afterlife. So they have to also make a difficult large pyramid to put their burial bodies inside to not let anyone steal their bodies. It was expected that these 3 kings were going to become gods in their eternal life. As they are building the temples for the gods and some huge other tombs and chambers for the rest of the royal family members.

A big one-day tour at Islamic and Coptic Cairo

You will first go for a small tour of about 6 hours for Islamic famous places. You can start your tour by meeting our Egyptian tour guide who will guide you to the most famous places in Cairo. You will first go for visiting the Islamic Art Museum then you will go to Salah El Din Citadel and the Alabaster Mosque which was related to Mohamed Ali.

Then you can visit the Mosque of Ibn Tulun and also seeing the Gayer Anderson Museum inside the Mosque. Then you can take an extra 4 hours exploring the Coptic places in Cairo and getting more knowledge. Also, you can take a small visit to Khan El Khaili Bazaar.

You will start with your tour guide to visit the Monastery of Samaan the Tunner which is carved in El Mokatam Mountain. Also, you can find in this mountain a small Church related to the Virgin Mary and Saint Simon. Then you can move to the Cavern Church or the Church of Saint Sergius and Bacchus in which you can also visit the small cave of the baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

You can then transfer to visit the Jewish Temple in Cairo. At the end of your tour, you can go for a small visit to Khan El Khalili Market which includes all the products of different types of souvenirs. Also, you can find there a famous coffee shop called El Fishawy Coffee.

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