Magic Of Isis: A Goddess & A Mother

The great Egyptian goddess and the manifestation of all that is feminine, Isis embodies all the virtues and goodness of the divine wife and mother.

She was said to be the feminine power who created and nurtured every living thing. The Egyptians believed she could influence the heavens, the Earth, and the realm of the dead.

As the Great Enchantress, Isis held immense magical powers and knew all secrets. Isis's celestial symbol is the star Sirius, and her husband, Osiris was Orion.

The great Egyptian goddess

The goddess cries, Thy sacred image, Orion in heaven, rises and sets every day. I am Sothis (Sirius), following him, and I will not leave him.

Because the star Sirius appeared at the beginning of the New Year and announced the beginning of the inundation, the flooding of the Nile, Isis is also associated with the fertility of the land.

Isis was the symbolic mother of the king and the benefactor of the people, and her universal appeal arose from her devotion to her husband, Osiris, and her son Horus.

This is ISIS, the great, the mother of God, the eye of Ra, who resides in the mountains of the West, the great stellar womb that takes the Sun God and the stars from evening to the morning. Who makes a sarcophagus into which Ra descends along with his stars, so he can get to his place each day, after he has illuminated the underworld and traversed the Kingdom of the dead.

The Egyptian goddess

Where those in the afterlife gave praise, when (his) rays merge with the body of Osiris (the heart of mats) and the disks are combined in one disc, and after its shinning appearance as a child in the morning, rests in the arms of the two claimants (ISIS and Nephthys), going into the horizon after its (heavenly) crossing in the night bark, enormous in its power, whose great name is Monthu of Hermonthis so that Apophis is felled by (his) fire.