HYMN TO RE During the Eighteenth Dynasty, when the local god Amun rose to prominence, he was assimilated with the sun god Re and became
the supreme god of Thebes, Amun-Re. There are many variations of the hymn to Re, but generally, the first part mentions the sun god by several of his 75 names. The second part is a series of incantations associating the king with various gods and the sun god in particular. A passage from the first part of the hymn to Re carved on the stele of the brothers Suti and Hor (now in the British Museum) follows.
Hail to you, Re, perfect each day, Who rises at dawn without failing, Khepri who wearies himself with toil! Your rays are on the face, yet unknown, Fine gold does not match your splendor; Self-made you fashioned your body, Creator uncreated. Sole one, unique one, who traverses eternity, [remote one] with millions under his care; Your splendor is like heaven’s splendor, Your color is brighter than its hues. When you cross the sky all faces see you, When you set you are hidden from their sight; Daily you give yourself at dawn, Safe is your sailing under your majesty.

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