Abu Simbel Day Tour from Aswan by Bus

Abu Simbel Temple
Abu Simbel Temple
Abu Simbel Temple Day Tour
Abu Simbel Temple Day Tour


  • A private tour and drive 3-4 hours southwest of Aswan to Abu Simbel.
  • Enjoy the great archeological site of the temples of Ramses and Nefertari.
  • Learn the history of the temples in the company of your Egyptologist guide.
  • Air-conditioned vehicle and entrance fees included.
  • Pickup and drop-off services.


  • English-speaking Egyptologist guide
  • Entrance fees to the sites
  • Hotel/port pick-up and drop-off services
  • Bottled water
  • Transport on an air-conditioned minibus


  • Gratuities/Tipping (recommended)
  • Food and drinks, unless specified

Itinerary Visit Guide

While you are traveling in Egypt, there is nothing more satisfying than visiting the best and greatest archeological sites there. You will be so lucky if you have the chance to visit the extraordinary temples of Abu Simbel.

The great site is located miles south of Aswan. Your guide will pick you up to drive 145 miles to Abu Simbel. There are two temples there; both were erected by the famous pharaoh Ramses II in 1240 B.C.The two temples were carved into the mountainside. The large of them contains four huge seated statues of the pharaoh; each of them is 70 feet high. The second one is smaller and for his wife Nefertari. This one has six statues on its façade, two of them for the queen and four for the king

During the tour, your Egyptologist guide will explain the history of the temples and the pharaoh outside the temples, and then you will have enough free time to explore the interior of the temples and enjoy looking at the wall painting and hieroglyphics. Ramses is defeating his enemies and showing himself as a god.

What is astonishing about these temples in addition to the grandeur of their size is the astrological phenomenon that happens twice a year. On the 22nd of February and October, the sun shines into the sanctuary of the temple and falls on three seated statues, one of them for Ramses II. These dates are believed to be the birth, and coronation days of the king.

When Egypt built the High Dam in Aswan, the temples in Abu simples were flooded due to the rising of the Nile water, so there is another interesting story of the relocation of the temples, dismantling and reassembling of their huge blocks in the 1960s.

At the end of this fascinating day tour, back to Aswan.


1 Persons 2-4 Persons 5-8 Persons 9-16 Persons
375 USD 250 USD 225 USD 199 USD
1 Persons

375 USD Per Person

2-4 Persons

250 USD Per Person

5-8 Persons

225 USD Per Person

9-16 Persons

199 USD Per Person

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