• A day out to visit the famous sites of Aswan.
  • Tour the Temple of Philae and the Unfinished Obelisk as Ancient sites.
  • Visit the Modern site of the High Dam.
  • All entrance fees and transportation are included in the company of a private Egyptologist guide.


  • Qualified Egyptologist guide
  • Entrance fees
  • Hotel/port pick up and drop off
  • Transport by air-conditioned minibus


  • Gratuities (recommended)
  • Food and drinks, unless specified

Itinerary Visit Guide

Aswan is one of the most beautiful cities in Upper Egypt, at the head of one of the biggest dams in the world Aswan is today a popular resort and tourist destination. There are many historical and unmissable sites in Aswan that the city is famous for such as the temple of Philae, the Unfinished Obelisk, the modern project of the High Dam, the Elephantine Island, the Nubian Museum, the Monastery of St Simon, and more.

Your Egypt Tours offers you several day tours to the different sites in Aswan and around the city. The classic day tour will include the highlights of the city: The temple of Philae, The Unfinished Obelisk, and the High Dam.

Enjoy a relaxing day tour of Aswan to the temple of Philae. The magnificent Temple was dedicated to the Cult of the Goddess Isis, but it became submerged after the first Aswan dam was built in 1902, and it was not until the sixties that many countries attempted to save the Temple. All these countries, together with UNESCO moved the temple to Agilika Island. The Egyptians built the temple and during the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine era; every ruler was keen on adding and expanding the temple to show his reverence to the Egyptian deities. Your Egyptologist guide will explain all the different reliefs, courts, and pylons of the temple before you ride a motorboat back to your next stop.

Stare at the huge obelisk in Aswan. In the granite quarry of the city, lying the giant obelisk. It is called the Unfinished Obelisk because it was never erected. It would have measured about 137 feet (42 meters) if completed and is estimated to weigh around 1164 tons. It is believed that the female pharaoh Hatshepsut ordered carving it during the 18th dynasty.

The next place is the great modern project of the high dam. The High Dam of Aswan is one of the most important and great achievements of Egypt during the 20thCentuy. For many years, the dam represented the period of modernism in the country. It provided Egypt with Hydroelectric power and safeguarded the country from the dangers of the flood. Your guide will accompany you to explain the history of the Dam, its advantages and disadvantages.

At the end of the tour, you will be transferred back to your hotel.


1 Persons 2-4 Persons 5-8 Persons 9-16 Persons
300 USD 199 USD 160 USD 130 USD
1 Persons

300 USD Per Person

2-4 Persons

199 USD Per Person

5-8 Persons

160 USD Per Person

9-16 Persons

130 USD Per Person

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