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Egypt Safari Suggested Itinerary

Check out our Egypt safari suggested tour itinerary.



Egypt Safari Suggested Itinerary

Bahariya Oasis Tours

You are going to enjoy your tour at a new place which is Bahariya Oasis 2-day tour. You can go to see the natural beautiful views of the White and Black Deserts.

Also, you can find a beautiful mountain which is known by the Crystal Mountain. You can go from Cairo to Bahariya Oasis by an air-conditioned vehicle within 4 or 5 hours. In which you will visit the Old Village which is famous for its Palm trees. Also, you will enjoy the amazing beautiful views of the Valley of Agabat.

Then you can go to visit the White Desert is containing rocks, animals, and birds. After visiting the White Desert, you will find the Black Desert which is famous for its Volcanic rocks which cover the top of the mountains.

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Egypt Safari 5 Day Tour

You are going to discover with us this tour as you will have a great opportunity to visit Siwa Oasis, El Alamein city, the Western Desert, Shiata Lake and Bir Wahid.

You will first go to visit El Alamein City by an air-conditioned vehicle in which you are going to see the WWII Museum and the Cemetry. Then you can drive to Marsa Matrouh which is located on the Mediterranean Coast. Then you can to Siwa Oasis in which you can visit its old City which is called Shali.

Then you can go for visiting the Temple of Alexander the Great which was dedicated to God Amen at Aghurmi Village. Then you can go for visiting the Temple of God Amen Ra at Um Ubeyda. After that, you can go for visiting Cleopatra Spring Eye. You will also visit the Siwa House Museum.

Also, you can visit Fitnas Island. Then you can go to Siwa Desert in which you will find the Maraki Village. You can do some activities like the Safari by beach buggy at Siwa Mountain as you can also enjoy the rocky coral reefs there.

Then you can drive to one of the amazing places which are named by Shiata Lake and also you can have the chance to see the Flamenco Birds. Then you can go for seeing a new beautiful place which is known by Bir Wahid which is found at Siwa Oasis.

Then you can go to visit the Mountain of the Dead and enjoy seeing some interesting tombs like Sl Amon Tomb and MSW Isis the crocodile tomb. After that, you can go for seeing Dakrour Mountains. Then you can transfer to Abu Sherouf to enjoy the Bedouins lifestyle and you can see there the Roman Spring eye.

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