Marsa Alam Activities and Things to do

Marsa Alam is one of the most beautiful countries which is located on the Red Sea as it is known for its famous colorful coral reefs.
If you are feeling bored and you want to refresh your routine, stay with us and discover this city that you can enjoy.

Quad Bike Safari in the Desert:

Quad Bike Safari in the Desert

This is one of the most enjoyable activities you will do ever which is a great new experience to take while running through the Marsa Alam Desert.
While you are going through this amazing place you will have a beautiful chance to see the Bedouin life and it's important to wear the Bedouin scarf while walking in the desert to avoid the sand desert.
Also, you can do the Camel riding with the tour guide.

Abu Dabbab Snorkeling Tour:

Abu Dabbab Snorkeling Tour

It is one of the most amazing and attractive places in Marsa Alam which contains wonderful colorful coral reefs. It is known for the beautiful sea turtles and the sea cows.
As you can do two snorkeling activities one is on the beach seeing the colorful coral reefs and the second is seeing the turtles and the sea cows.
Even if you don't want to do snorkeling, you can enjoy the fresh air while relaxing on the beach and take lunch on the beach.

Hamata & qulaan Islands at Marsa Alam:

Hamata & qulaan Islands at Marsa Alam

The four Hamata Islands are located on the South of the Red Sea at Marsa Alam.
On these Islands, you can enjoy the beautiful colorful coral reefs as you can see new different types which are unique and you can’t see them anywhere else. You can see the amazing Lagoons.

SeaScope Semi Submarine - Marsa Alam:

SeaScope Semi Submarine - Marsa Alam

We can tell you about an enjoyable experience which is the Semi Submarine. This type of activity is one of the new adventures that you will ever have, as you are getting under the sea top by submarine, you can reach the bottom of the sea and enjoy watching the rare different types of fish and dolphins.
This submarine is also important for people who can't be able to swim or kids as well, they can go under the sea water and reach the bottom of this submarine.

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