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Home / Blog / What To Do blog category / Best Day Trips from Cairo

Best Day Trips from Cairo

best day trips from cairo, full day tour to giza pyramids memphis city and sakkara



Best Day Trips from Cairo

Biking Tour in Giza Pyramids Desert

•    where you can enjoy the view of the Pyramids 
•    the briefest day trip from Cairo
El Fayoum Famous Pyramids from Cairo
•    as you will see and visit some old Pyramids in Egypt as Hawara Pyramid, Tour to El Lahun Pyramid. Tour Medium Pyramids ( Hawara Pyramid is worked by King Amenemhat III (Dynasty XII). At that point move to visit El Lahun Pyramid which is around 07 km a long way from Hawara Pyramid. El Lahun Pyramid was worked by King Senusert II, (XII Dynasty). After that visit Meidum Pyramids which is around 40 km a long way from El Lahun Pyramid.)
•    Fayoum is one of Egypt's numerous desert springs and the closest to Cairo. While guests escape to Fayoum for some, reasons, including old landmarks, Wadi Al Rayan's cascades, Magic Lake and Lake Qaroun, Fayoum is for the most part acclaimed for its wonderful and wide sand ridges
fishing in Ain Al Sokhna
•    90 minutes drive away from Cairo
•    the water and curious air give peacefulness and quietness.
•    There’re boats you can rent when you arrive 

Jet Ski in Fayed
•    At around 106 kilometers from Cairo
•    It additionally includes many getaway homes and lodgings, where inhabitants and visitors can unwind because of its closeness to Cairo
Eat tasty fish in Ismailia
Arranged on the west bank of the Suez Canal, the city of Ismailia is only a short good ways from Cairo. As the city lies by the Suez Canal, Cairo inhabitants pour to Ismailia for its unimaginably scrumptious fish. As you stroll by its promenade, numerous cafés line up setting heaps of fish in plain view to look over. Not exclusively is the fish crisp as it is straight from the ocean, however, it is a lot less expensive than in the capital. The city of Ismailia is additionally home to the conspicuous Ismailia Museum, which has more than 4,000 collectibles that go back to the Pharaonic and Greco-Roman occasions.



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