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Best time to visit Egypt



Best time to visit Egypt

We all may have different reasons, why we travel to Egypt as it offers rich culture festivals, countless sightseeing attractions and landmarks, beach holiday, historical places or adventure hunting. For each of these activities, there is different season, which hightlights the moments spent in Egypt. The swimsuit season begins from the late spring and lasts till mid-autumn. You might want to avoid the peak of summer, though, as the temperature can climb up to 100°F (38°C) in the shade (Hurghada). Regarding „swimsuit destinations“, the best time to visit Egypt is beginning of autumn. The sea stays warm and there is less tourists around. This doesn‘t apply much for Alexandria, but still, the weather is more pleasant then. Although if you are travelling with the family, the summer might be the only option, because schools have a break as well. In that case, remember to stay inside during the noon and keep yourself hydrated.

Best time to visit Egypt | Abu Simbel temples

Best time to visit Egypt | Abu Simbel temples

If you like the landscapes or historical buildings, they will look better with blooming trees and flowers during the spring, so then the best time to visit Egypt would be mainly April and May. You might prefer the Mediterranean climate of Alexandria with vast areas of green in parks. Even Safari experience has greater value in spring. The sea is still cool enough for proper swimming or surfing. Those, who prefer warmer, but still large waves, pack your surfing boards in late summer and head for Shatby (North coast) or Soma Bay (Red Sea coast). While you are around Hurghada, try snorkeling and scuba diving.

Best time to visit Egypt | Great Sphinx of Giza

Best time to visit Egypt | Great Sphinx of Giza

Then the Egyptian deity is bringing a gift of life, they are often imaged with an ankh – Nile cross. In god‘s hand is often seen another interesting motif. The Nile Cross, the key of life. This is another important sign of rebirth. It contains an oval symbolizing the goddess Isis, who played a vital part at the resurrection of Osiris – the cross. When we mention Isis, we always think of maternal and marital love. In order to help her son Horus, who was always a target of malicious plans of his uncle Seth, she decides to boost his royal authority. She creates a serpent that poisons the Amun-Ra and causes him unbearable pain. She offers to cure him, if he will tell her his true secret name, which contains huge power. Amun-Ra knowing, what Isis is after makes her promise, that she will say his name only to Horus. The power of his name is symbolized as the Wadjet. Formally known as the Eye of Ra, Eye of Isis, now the Eye of Horus in other form as the Eye of Providence. It was used as protective and all-seeing power by the Pharaohs as well as the status of royalty or an amulet against evil glances. Today, you can see the Eye of Providence on the reverse of the Great seal of the United States, or on the 1$ bill. Some speculate, that the $ sign represents the goddess Isis.

Best time to visit Egypt | Hurghada windsurfing

Best time to visit Egypt | Hurghada windsurfing

Egypt is warm in general, but the winter would be the most suitable for those, who like history. The temperatures in Luxor or Cairo are around 75°F (24°C), warm enough, but not exhausting. In general, Egypt has always been very dry, so keep in mind the water regime also during this time. Of course, if your primary focus are festivals, no temperature can stop you from enjoying and best time to visit Egypt is during the festivals. Everybody is probably familiar with Muslim fasting festival Ramadan. Everybody is suddenly more aware of the spiritual meaning of one‘s being and this holiday brings out the best of Muslim culture in my opinion. Common people are contemplating about unnecessary pleasures and sins, they are to me more kind to one another, reading Quran and visiting the mosque. When the twilight dawns, everybody goes out, meets others, celebrate in coffee shops or large oriental tents, dancing, lots of food and drink (nothing complicated and definitely no alcohol) is going on and you can just simply celebrate the simple things. People are celebrating till the day-break, when the second large meal, called El Sohour, is happening.

An everlasting experience will bring you also Abu Simbel Sun Festival. An archeological masterpiece from 1244 BC consists of temples built during the reign of Ramesses II. Every year when the sun rises, it illuminates the inner sanctum of the temple. This is always happening on 21st of October – Ramesses birthday and 21st February – marking his ascension to the throne. 7th of January belongs to the Coptic Christmas celebration. It is not only about the meaning of Christmas, but also about equality. Celebrated all over the Egypt, but in Cairo it can be especially extravagant. We have to mention the main festival of Egyptian history, which is the Sphinx festival. If you are interested in ancient times of the Pharaohs, the popular teaching scholars are most active at the Pyramids. The date is movable, but usually between October and December. If you are seeking more personalized recommendation when is the best time to visit Egypt because you are planning your trip or you are just curious, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our office is always here for you.

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