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Home / Blog / Tips Before Traveling to Egypt blog category / Dress Code Guidance For Ladies | What To Wear ?

Dress Code Guidance For Ladies | What To Wear ?

Tips About Female dress code in Egypt



Dress Code Guidance For Ladies | What To Wear ?

Egypt Tours is one of the most beautiful countries will you ever see as it is famous for its old and ancient great monuments.

While handling this Middle-Eastern marvel has been a bit cracking for the ladies who travel for the first time also it's essential for the cultural guides to be correct in order to decrease the conflict and possible problems.
As if you are going alone to Egypt Tours, you have to not feel safe 100 percent, but also you should be ready to take a beautiful adventure.

1. Dress code: As you have to wear a dress code compatible with the country you’re going to visit

the local places in Egypt are all appearing most traditional in their dress code.
So you have to not to pay attention to yourself by wearing your hot shorts and the tops which may give opposite opinions from people on you.
As we can see the ladies in Egypt are wearing t-shirts with covering shoulders, upper arms and legs by wearing long pants and skirts.
Also, we can say that Egypt is a huge city, while you’re walking in its roads you should wear the most comfortable uniform. As by doing some extra effort you will going to prove to the local people that you respect the culture of their country.

2- You have also to search for safe hotels for staying like a home away from home
If you are traveling alone, so it’s better for you to choose the hotels which have deep security checks in its all entrances.
Actually, Egypt is being flooded by a number of small, safe and comfort familiar three-star hotels, where you can find the staff working in it is very helpful as they also can do anything just to keep you feeling happy and they can be your home away from home in Egypt Travel Packages

Note: You should be carrying your hotel’s business card when you’re going outside for sightseeing or tour, as this card is an easy way to go back to your hotel when you got lost and your Arabic is poor.

3. The Local GuidingBook which is the best way for exploring Egypt
While you are choosing to travel on your own, so it’s better to associate your tour with a female tour guide as you are also a female.
As we are saying that Egypt is a mostly safe country, but on the other side you can’t go for a walk on your own, you should go with a trusted tour guide after the sunset time.
This tour guide can also help you in finding the best sightseeing in Egypt and the best places to go better than walking in this great city alone.
4. The Secret of women in transportation
As we can find Alex is full of safety and its beautiful smell of the sea and also it’s streets which are filled with car noise. Cairo also is famous for its safe and wonderful “Metro” which is the most and only cheap way of transportation in Cairo.
As we all know that Egypt is a Muslim country so that the front car in the Metro is reserved only for women.
Women travelers can also ride in the “mixed” compartments as you will be greeted with flooding smiles and invariably be offered a seat. 

5. Mark your region with a remark place or sign
We can also talk here about remarking some famous places for you to make you go home safely. As you’re a female going for a walk through the town and traveling alone in the city so the internet will make everything easier for you, also you can easily search about any place you want to visit in Egypt. Also, it’s important when you come to visit Egypt, you should learn and be aware of the Arabic famous phrases to let you deal with people in an easy way.

In the end, we can say that Egypt is a very safe and comfortable place to visit as it also has many beautiful destinations to visit and you’ll enjoy your time in it.

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